WebNav for CUBS

WebNav for Columbia Ultimate CUBS

WebNav is a fully web enabled version of SalesNav specifically to handle Sales Efforts for Salespeople working for Collection Agencies and more specifcally Columbia Ultimate Software or CUBS. Over many years, SalesNav has maintained a working relationship with a major client, a collection agency that uses the CUBS system for it's collectors. The integration that has been achieved took a long time and a lot of back and forth to finally create a product that has no peers. If you are using Columbia Ultimate Software also known as CUBS for your collection efforts, there is nothing else like it.

Currently, the integration goes like this. The desktop software is only used in-house for specific specialized tasks such as territory reassignments, search and replace, importing, exporting, large pipeline type reports, and the remote synchronization capability to maintain redundant sites in case of disaster for business resumption purposes.

WebNav is used by everyone else. Webnav has every capability of the desktop SalesNav in a slightly different format. The CUBS integration has daily import software from CUBS. CUBS has it's own export through ODBC. The file is created to a specific format and placed in a specific folder. WebNav reads it in every night. WebNav also reads in specific information about sales activity and collection activity for graphs fresh every morning. In the Company view inside Webnav, users can view any activity that has occurred for each client such as Last Assign Date, Last Assign amounts, and other specifics. The relationship between the one to many and many to one between WebNav and CUBS is maintained in a hidden file. That file contains as many Client IDs as an account may or may not have. Thus, when the data is read in each night, it is assigned to the right account in WebNav.

In addition to reading in the CUBS file, there is a Quote view created specifically for CUBS. Fields are provided for the specific information required to allow the proper and complete creation of a new account in CUBS. The form that prints can be customized for you but the standard form will not allow a Salesperson to print a form without every field completed. It is graded for completeness. In addition, a special profile with CUBS specific information is included in the completeness that contains many directives for the collection person. The interface between the two applications is quite extensive and has to be seen to be believed.

Everyone in the Collection Agency business, if you want to do business with the big boys must have Business Resumption Plans (BRP) and Security must always be of upmost concern. WebNav has this already built-in. You'll never have to worry about redundancy again and you'll have confidence when answering the security questionaires that invariably you must answer way too often. We've been there, understand what it is you need, and have worked to provide it for our clients. Why go this alone? call or contact us with your concerns. We have a solution for you.

Without these interfaces between sales and collections, you have been working too hard. Schedule a demo today, call 805-434-1111.

    JSON Fully Self-Contained Web Software
    Secure and Safe
    Works and behaves like a desktop Application
    Scalable, Start Small, we'll grow with you.
    Leap forward in Web Technology
    Works with just about any Device
    Hosted and/or Internal WebServer
    Redundant Server Capability
    Enterprise Solution for your Entire Sales Force
    CUBS Integration made easy
    Mobile Ready, Tablet Ready, Desktop Ready