SalesNav Customer Service Module

Customer Service Desktop Module

The Customer Service modules handle tech calls, and RMAs or Return Material Authorizations. Since your techs will share the same information, you have techs and salespeople working side by side, hand in hand to assure that the needs of your clients doesn't just stop with the sale. Salespeople can make sure that returns and questions are handled in a timely manner.

The Order Entry Module works hand in hand with the sales module and the Customer Service Module if you want to process returns without affecting your accounting system. This can become a major problem for companies that have their financing partners watching. Returns should never be processed through your accounting system. This Customer Service module gives you full billing and processing of returns in and out from your clients. The only time accounting should get involved is for actual sales of parts, service contracts, and add-ons. The designer of this software, James Stone hails from the early days of Osborne, Televideo, Databank Computers, and, Costa Distributing and has run and designed and ran some of the very first tech departments for consumer computers. The software is designed with that experience in mind.

There are optional modules to schedule service calls, manage inventory on trucks, and more. Please call and ask for more details whatever your need. We do customizations and expect every company to have at least a few changes to the standard software.

    Use the same data from the Sales Module
    Integrate both departments into one
    Unify your companies data base
    Track Incidents and Client Calls
    Track Product Returns and Repairs
    Most Common Problem Reporting
    Share Technical Problem and Resolutions
    Color Coded Incident Tracking
    Track 4 hour Response Times and Call durations
    Warranty Tracking with serialized kitting
    Service Reports

    Shares Sales/Orders/Customer Service Data
    Sales knows about problems before they get big
    Customize Incident and RMA Forms
    Techs start sharing solutions
    Departments start working together
    Production has quantifiable data about field problems
    Serial Number Tracking
    Makes selling support services much easier to track
    Track Product returns outside of Accounts Receivable